Why FiberGlass is the Future of Pools

High End Sports Cars, Yachts and Aircraft are some of the 40,000 products that are made from Fiberglass. Of course, our personal favorite is the Fiberglass Pool. But why are these pools gaining popularity and why is every negative article about these pools written by a concrete pool company? Simple, Fiberglass Pools are the FUTURE and as people become more and more educated, they choose fiberglass.

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Quality Control

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Salt Water Pools

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Quality Control

Gunite pools are created in the elements and each company uses different methods to create the finished product. It’s easy to throw a thinner shell or use smaller rebar to lower the cost for the customer. Fiberglass pools are made in temperature controlled manufacturing plants with strict quality standards to ensure all shells are produced the same. This is why the manufacturer can warranty their pool for life, can your concrete builder do that?

Staycation Fiberglass Pool qaulity control


Concrete cracks, guaranteed. Even the concrete builders will agree but does that mean your concrete pool will open up and lose all of its water? Typically no. It does mean more repairs and maintenance for the homeowner as the pool ages. Fiberglass pools by nature are flexible and thus can handle the hard expansion and contraction of the Texas soil. Think about the harsh summer droughts where you walk outside to see your dirt cracking like an old log. As this happens, your pool naturally flexes to allow for shifting ground and is still warrantied for life.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool pool

Less Maintence, More Fun

When people think about a pool, they see all of the fun their family will be having, not the endless hours of cleaning, algae growth and tons of chemicals to maintain the water. Now you may be thinking, wow are they trying to talk us out of buying a pool? We simply want to educate our clients on the REAL FACTS about owning a pool. But, it doesn’t have to always be all work and no play. Let’s be real, every pool needs maintenance but would you rather spend around $27,000 or $3700 every 10 Years to maintain your pool? If you chose the $3700, so did we and that’s the average 10 year maintenance cost of a fiberglass pool. Simply put, most people spend around 30 minutes a week maintaining their fiberglass pool, spend 1/7th the cost and GET TO spend more time enjoying it versus a comparable concrete pool.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool maintenance

Salt Water Pools

Most people do not know that salt water pools are actually chlorine pools but the difference is that you have a chlorine factory right in your back yard. That’s right, the salt passes through a cell which converts and creates chlorine to maintain your water chemistry. The upside is that you maintain much lower levels of chlorine so you typically do not smell like chemicals, have softer skin after swimming and save more money on chemicals than a standard chlorine pool. We don’t recommend salt systems for concrete as the salt is very abrasive to the plaster and can cause you to have to re-plaster the pool much sooner at an average cost of $8,000-10,000. Ask us for more information on a salt water fiberglass pool.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool salt water pool


Anyone who has ever had a concrete pool built will tell you about the headache, mess and time it took to complete the project. That’s because the entire pool is made in your backyard and can often take months to complete the project. Fiberglass pools are manufactured off site and can typically be installed and complete within 30 days. For families with children and pets, this is also a much safer alternative to raw rebar, heavy material and an open hole in their yard for months at a time. Personally we would rather have a mess in our yard for a month instead of 3-4.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool pool installation

Softer on Feet

Anyone who has ever been in a concrete pool or has children who enjoy swimming has seen and felt how rough the surface is and often come out after swimming with bloody knees or feet. Fiberglass pools offer a textured, non slip surface that is easy on the feet, soft to the touch and non abrasive. We have heard, o but fiberglass pools are slippery. This may be the case with lower end manufacturers, however the pools that Staycation offers have texture on the stairs, spas, landings and floor to ensure a fun and safe swimming experience.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool bottom of pool


Everyone’s favorite topic when talking about a pool, Algae. Can algae grow in a fiberglass pool? Of course, algae will grow in any body of water if the chemicals are not maintained properly. The difference is that algae does not take root in the gel coat like it does in a concrete pool. Concrete is porous which allows algae to root and grow quicker and makes it harder to remove. Plus, forget getting black algae in your concrete pool, it can be treated but once it takes root, its time to re-plaster to get rid of it. What a mess.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool algae

Over 150 Designs

We offer over 130 stunning designs from lap pools, negative edge pools and spas to tanning ledges and all in one pool and spa combinations. Odd are if you have seen a design you love, you can find it with us. The shell is the main difference as you can customize the deck, water features, and so many other options to bring your vision to life!!

Staycation Fiberglass Pool pool design

Swim Longer

Fiberglass naturally insulates which means that your pool will typically stay 8 degrees or so warmer than your neighbors concrete pool. This means less energy cost when you are heat in the cooler months and longer swimming season as your pool will be warmer quicker and stay warm longer. We love seeing customers enjoy their pools in the holiday months where the Texas weather is still in the high 80’s.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool people swimming in pool


We always like to save the best for last, and for us that is the warranty. You wouldn’t buy a car without a warranty or at least we hope not. Most concrete warranties are about 1 year and lets be honest, not much will usually go wrong within that time. The challenge becomes 3 or more years down the road where warranty has run out and repair bills can really add up. We partner with only the TOP brands to bring you lifetime warranties on your pool shell, 3 year warranties on your equipment to name a few and these are honored by the manufacturer as well as Staycation. If you wouldn’t buy a Range Rover with a 1 year warranty, why would you buy a pool with the same? Have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected and built the Staycation Way!!

Staycation Fiberglass Pool warranty